Thursday, May 17, 2012

1. We took the Math MAP test in the 4/5/6 hallway. We spent 2 hours and 25 minutes in the computer lab working on math!

2. It was a beautiful day outside. We went on a run after recess.

3. We watched Turtle: The Incredible Journey. Tomorrow we will create different events and put them in chronological order.

4. Our day ended in music with Mrs. Sharp.

I am just so happy about your MAP test this morning. You all put forth your best effort. The growth you have made this year is HUGE. You are ready for 5th grade :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

1. In math we did 6 mini-lessons to prepare us for tomorrow. I was so impressed on how focused ALL of you were! We are becoming professionals at multiplying and dividing!

2. In literacy we partner-read and practiced reading fluently. A lot of us are working on pausing at the correct punctuation

3. I did a "book talk" on Egypt. Some of the books I shared included, The Egypt Game, 100 Facts: Pyramids and The Hieroglyphs of Ancient Egypt.

4. We ended our day by running for 9 minutes in Phy. Ed. You all did a FANTASTIC job. Everyone ended the 9 minutes at a running pace.

Remember, you get to take the MAP Math test tomorrow. This test will show how hard you have worked at math in 4th grade. You are expected to do very well. Have a great night, get some good rest, and I'll see you tomorrow morning.

-Ms. McCormick

Thursday, May 10, 2012

1. This morning we took our end of the year Reading MAP Test. Students did a wonderful job. It is so much fun to see the growth each of you had made in reading this year.

2. In math we discussed multiplying and reducing fractions. Fraction homework due tomorrow!

3. This afternoon in literacy we continued to work on our creative writing project. We took our ideas from yesterday, and started organizing them into topics.

4. We ended the day learning how to play Frisbee golf. I am really looking forward to the Minnesota Birthday Party tomorrow. Parents are encouraged to join us from 1:30-3:00!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

1. In math we took a test on number sense and dividing with two digit numbers. Our MAP Math test is next Thursday. This Friday we will take the Unit 12 Math Test

2. Ms. Tami stopped by and we finished The Secret of Zoom. What a fantastic ending!

3. In literacy we continued our work with conjunctions.

4. We started our end of the year creative writing project- Students brainstormed about what they will be doing twenty years from now.

Monday, May 7, 2012

1. In math we studied Unit Rates. Students completed Lesson 12.6 in their math journals. 4M students practiced adding and rounding decimals. We also plotted points on a graph to make a shape.

2. We started studying Minnesota's history. We learned about primary and secondary resources. We look forward to reading stories about Minnesota's past later this week.

3. In literacy we learned about conjunctions. A conjunction is a type of word that links other words or clauses in a sentence.

4. This afternoon we performed our music concert for the entire school. You guys did a really nice job.

The concert tonight is at 6:30. My room will be open at 6:00. Students should come to my room and then we will go to the concert together. Wear dark pants, and a colorful t-shirt!