Tuesday, March 6, 2012

1. In math we worked on Lesson 9.2. We are currently studying "percentage of" problems. Students are allowed to come up with TEN "percentage of" problems on their own to earn a Bengal Pride ticket tomorrow morning. Check out this example problem:

Ms. McCormick's class has 22 students. 50% of them received a perfect score on their spelling test. How many students received a perfect score?

Answer: 50% = 1/2. 1/2 of 22 is 11. 11 students received a perfect score.

2. Mrs. Brown came in to teach science. We thought about different materials we could use to make our petroglyphs. A petroglyph is a rock engraving.

3. After lunch we looked at different examples of personification that occur in the media. We read a segment from the novel, Bunnicula. This story is from the dog, Harold's perspective. Students thought of a pet and then created their own diary entry from their pets perspective.

4. We ended our day reading The Great Kapok Tree. We pointed out the different examples of onomatopoeia that occur throughout the book. 

Homework: Spelling sentences, Pet diary entry due tomorrow (students had time to complete this in class), Extra Credit math option.

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