Saturday, April 7, 2012

4M had a THrilling THursday! (Check out that use of alliteration!)

1. In math we tried out "Hands on Equations". Ms. Sherratt taught her first mini-math lesson and did a FANTASTIC job! Students completed some difficult algebra problems, by solving for x.


2. After lunch we read A Long Walk to Water and talked about the term "unjust". We discussed the many different current events that are happening in Africa. So many of our classmates had wonderful background knowledge to contribute to the discussion. I learned A LOT.

3. We took an extra recess and practiced translations, reflections and rotations in groups of 4 by laying on the ground and moving around.

4. We celebrated 20,000 tickets and the upcoming MCA testing with an assembly at the end of the day. The Bengal Tiger made an appearance and danced to "Why MCA?" Our student council member, P did an awesome job presenting her test taking strategy. Way to go P!

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