Thursday, January 12, 2012

1. 12 fourth graders signed up for the Caldecott Challenge. Way to go!

2. In math we started Unit 7, learning all about fractions. We even learned how to put fractions into our calculators.

3. During literacy we learned 5 new vocabulary words. We played a picture matching game and came up with friendly, "4th grade definitions". All of us successfully completed our vocabulary sheet. We discussed inflected endings, and gave different examples using -ed, -ing, and -s. Some of us used the iPad to learn about non-fiction text features.

4. We prepared ourselves for the field trip tomorrow morning. I just talked with the University of Minnesota, and they said, "we are looking forward to having Brimhall!" How exciting!

Homework: Read 30 minutes, practice spelling- your test is tomorrow!

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