Thursday, February 2, 2012

1. This morning we played around with probability. Students completed lesson 7.12 in their math book.

2. We enjoyed the 6th graders musical performance this morning. What a talented group of kids! We also had our first engineering lesson with Mrs. Brown.

3. After lunch we read to Chapter 4 in Hatchet. Students are having a great time discussing possible names for the different chapters. We also had some time to work on our biome research projects. Tomorrow you will have the chance to present your biome to the class.

4. In literacy I had the chance to meet with several groups. One group is working on a creative writing piece that tells the moral "Don't judge a book by its cover." Students will be presenting their stories next week. The Joey Pigza group celebrated Jack Gantos' 2012 Newbery medal and worked on using context clues to decide the meaning of new words. Hurricane at the Zoo reviewed important vocabulary words and discussed all of the things you would have to protect animals from a hurricane.

Homework: RAZ Kids (if you have an account), StudyLinks 7.12, and READ for 30 minutes.

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