Wednesday, February 22, 2012

1. In math we cut apart parallelograms in order to find their area. We discovered that finding the area of parallelograms is very similar to finding the area of a rectangle.

2. Ms. Tami came to read to us before lunch. We are more than halfway done with The Secret of Zoom!

3.We read chapter 13 together in Hatchet.

4. In literacy, we started our new poetry unit. We studied the history of acrostic poems. Students worked on their own to complete their own acrostic poems about a famous person or thing.

Homework: Area and Perimeter Activity (due tomorrow), two rough drafts of acrostic poems **we will pick our favorites to begin our final copies tomorrow**

Math Journal Math Boxes to page 239 due FRIDAY. This should be easy to complete if you are taking advantage of independent work time in class.

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